Stock Status Definitions

ALLOCATED ITEMS - An Allocated item is an item that is in high demand and short supply. When these items are in-stock, our distributors divide what is received from manufacturers amongst their sales reps to give dealers like Texas Star Arsenal a fair shot at obtaining these hard-to-get items. It is then up to the individual sales representatives to distribute their allocations. Sometimes we are one of the first to receive an item, other times not. The best way to order an Allocated item is to call us and ask to be put on our waiting list.

CALL TO INQUIRE - Call to find out the latest information on this product.

OUT OF STOCK - A product is not currently in stock at our warehouse. We will submit a replenishment order to our distributors. Orders may still be placed for these products via phone.

ON BACKORDER - This item is on order from our distributors. There may or may not be an ETA for delivery to our warehouse. It is best to call us for the latest information on this product.

THIS ITEM HAS A LEAD TIME - Some products require build time or some other manufacturer imposed gap in delivery (parts availability, delivery issues, etc) and thus will take at least the amount of time specified to deliver.

CLOSEOUT - A product is being discontinued by the manufacturer. No further stock will be received.

ON CLEARANCE - A product is no longer being carried by Texas Star Arsenal and as such we are clearing out our inventory of it.