"The Outfitter for Competition Shooters"

Texas Star Arsenal, LLC

Texas Star Arsenal is your outfitter of choice when looking to purchase firearms and NFA products for competition shooting or for concealed carry. We are providers of firearms, ammunition, and ballistic armor to local, state, and federal police agencies looking for exceptional customer service and cost-effective solutions. Our products range from discrete carry guns, to full size service pistols, from duty gear to ballistic armor, from rimfire rifles and big-bore hunting calibers to dedicated sniper rifles and select fire weaponry. Our primary focus is on outfitting our customers for competition shooting. 3-Gun, IDPA, USPSA, IPSC, GSSF, and our favorite Precision Rifle Shooting (PRS).

One of the biggest services we provide is fascilitating FFL transfers. We are listed on GunBroker.com and enjoy a great reputation with our customers, many of whom have asked us to perform transfers for them multiple times. We know the value of this service and we enjoy meeting like-minded folks.

Internet-based Store

We are an internet-based store. We do not have a brick and mortar storefront. However, we do have access to some of the largest firearms distributors in the country to assure we leave no stone unturned when trying to find the item you are looking for.

For our competition shooters, we offer a curated selection of proven products from some of the biggest names in competition circles: Glock, S&W, Blade-Tech, Taran Tactical, Cadex Defence, Accuracy International, Nightforce, Vortex, Steiner, Defiance Machine, Norma Ammunition, and many others.

For our concealed carriers, our selection of firearms and accessories is comprised of manufacturers who are established and recognized in the firearms industry, ensuring your selections are top quality and reliable.

We welcome the rapidly growing segment of women competitors and concealed carriers as well as the growing wave of new firearms owners. We are here to assist with your purchase and answer any questions you may have. We encourage new shooters to seek out training and to participate in local events and matches.

We are not gunsmiths but we do sell parts. We choose the parts we sell (large bolt handles, shotgun extension tubes, performance triggers, etc.) specifically for their ability to enhance your firearm for specific uses. Like many enthusiasts, we are also AR-15 rifle builders so we sell the parts you’ll need to build your own high-quality AR-15 rifles.

Law Enforcement Sales

We are extremely supportive of our law enforcement brethren and are proud to be authorized law enforcement dealers for FN USA, Smith and Wesson, and Heckler & Koch. We believe it to be both an honor and a privilege to assist in your search for your next duty weapon or other tactical gear. We are providers of firearms, ammunition, and ballistic armor to local, state, and federal police agencies looking for exceptional customer service and cost-effective solutions.

Unadvertised Services

Like a lot of our customers we are avid hunters, re-loaders, and general gun enthusiasts (particularly revolvers). We encourage folks to call and ask us to help them find items we don’t advertise on our website.

Where we are?

Texas Star Arsenal is located in Allen, a small city just over 25 miles north of “Big D” - Dallas, Texas.

When are we open?

Our website is open 24 hours a day for your shopping convenience. Our office is only open for firearms transfers from 6pm to 9pm Monday through Friday. We do not offer a showroom or public space. Being a completely internet-based retailer allows us to provide additional discounts to our customers, but that doesn’t mean we are invisible. You may always call us, chat with us, or use our Contact Us form if you have any questions.

Whether you are a Competitor, a Hunter, a Warfighter, or a Protector, Texas Star Arsenal can help you find the right gear for you.

Thank you for stopping by our store. We look forward to serving with you.